scenar-1For pain relief, Soya de Guaymas utilizes SCENAR therapy. SCENAR stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator and is a leading edge medical technology complementing your current health services.

SCENAR reduces stress and inflammation which effectively relieves symptoms of pain and dysfunction by prompting your body’s own adaptive processes. The treatment is done in our offices and has helped many people by eliminating their pain.

The following is an unsolicited testimonial and it’s follow up by Ricardo;

I have a personal story to add about Soya de Guaymas and the owners Matt and Mayra Young. About ten years ago, I had extreme pain in my left hip. I went to our local doctor, and he sent me to Guaymas for X-Rays. After the doctor read the X-Rays, he advised me that I probably had a bad hip, and that I should see an orthopedic surgeon when I returned to Colorado. I went to an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado, and he told me that the problem was not in my hip, but the problem was nerve pain originating in my back. He sent me to physical therapy. The physical therapy consisted of massages and different types of physical therapy. My hip got better, but I still had pain.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Soya de Guaymas and I discovered that Mayra offers SCENAR.  SCENAR is a therapy for pain. She uses a small hand held machine that sends electrical impulses to your nerves. I actually had some doubts about the treatment, but when she had finished, I realized that the pain was actually gone! I felt wonderful. I followed up with a second appointment, and during that treatment I realized that Mayra has an intuitive feel for my pain. She was using her machine to actually follow the nerves that was giving me the pain.

It’s been about two weeks since I had my last SCENAR treatment, and I am still pain free. Mayra offers a wonderful treatment for anyone who suffers from pain. Her treatment room is very clean, and she is very professional, but more importantly, she can actually see and feel how my body is acting to the treatment, and she uses her machine to treat the nerves that are giving me the pain.

Update on my SCENAR treatment.  As I said in my earlier post I have had back pain for the last 10 years.  After twoSCENAR treatments, the pain is gone.  Now for the rest of the story……

My wife and I left San Carlos for our home in Colorado Sunday morning.  We arrived at our home in Colorado earlier this afternoon.  After 1270 miles and 21 hours of driving, I arrived in Colorado completely pain free.  No back pain.  No leg pain.  No pain what so ever.  If yor are suffering from any type of pain, I encourage you to stop by Soya de Guaymas and make an appointment to see Mayra for a SCENAR treatment.  The treatments take about an hour, and the treatments themselves are very relaxing.

To learn more about SCENAR and how it can help you please check out Katie Noonan’s website.