About Us

Welcome to Soya de Guaymas – San Carlos. Soya de Guaymas is a family owned business which was started about 25 years ago. Founded by Dr. Mauro Masson and his wife Lic. Zenaida Zamudio, the Soya de Guaymas has grown to six independently owned “Tienda Naturistas” including their children Dr. Mauro Masson Zamudio, Lic. Zaida J. Masson and cousin Lic. Alma Cambero Mendoza. Last October, Soya de Guaymas San Carlos joined the group. While each store has its own personality, the products and prices are the same. Each store may carry a few products which are tailored to the location’s unique clientele.

matt_mayra_yacht_clubOur San Carlos store is owned and operated by long-time residents, Mayra and Matt Young. Many remember Mayra from her days working at Banana’s restaurant years ago while she was working her way through ITMAR University where she earned her degree in Business Management. Her husband, Matt Young, had moved permanently from Tucson where he owned the successful Young Alarm business.

Born in a small rancho pueblo in Veracruz, Mexico, Mayra as well as the rest of the family was exposed to the healing quality of herbs and natural products early. Their grandmother was basically the “curandera” which was passed down to Tio Tonio who served the community for decades. Tio Tonio is in his 90’s now but his knowledge is fascinating. Much of the knowledge origins come from the Olmec culture. Mayra was born about twenty miles from San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, where the majority of the Olmec Colossal heads were found.

Mayra and Matt left San Carlos briefly and moved to Catemaco, Veracruz for a few years which is about 100 miles north of the rancho. Catemaco is located in the northernmost tip of the South American rain forest. While filled with jungle, waterfalls, a huge lake and lagunas to the Gulf of Mexico, Catemaco is famous for its Shamans, Brujos and Curanderos. It was a great learning experience to prepare for our Tienda Naturista.

Mayra is always continuing her education. While certified as an iridology and SCENAR practitioner, she has also completed many courses in reflexology, Bach Flower and other therapies. She is currently completing her Masters in Gestalt Psychology, and then is planning on earning her Doctorate. The operational principle of Gestalt Psychology is that the brain is holistic, parallel, and analog, with self-organizing tendencies.

Another team member who has been with us since we opened is Evelina Chazaro. Evelina is bilingual and a pleasure to work with. She enjoys learning and has worked with the long time employees of the other stores, and over the years she has acquired an excellent knowledge of all our products and their uses.