Abango VR-J

The new Jarabe VR-J is an herbal remedy that relieves cough and cold symptoms. It contains extract of Eucalyptus leaf which is used in traditional herbal medicine to combat colds, bronchitis and asthma. The second ingredient is extract of Mullein which is a decongestant and natural antiseptic. The third ingredient is extract of Bougainvillea which is used in cases of respiratory conditions such as coughs, bronchitis, flu and whooping cough.


2 Responses to “Abango VR-J”

  1. cathy farrell says:

    I came down with a very bad cold last Saturday, the worst I have ever felt. I purchased the VR-J syrup and tea last spring to have on hand just in case. I started using it right away. I took the syrup as directed and sipped the tea several times a day. I also took ibuprophen for the aches. It’s Tuesday now and I feel almost well. This stuff is awesome and I am telling my friends about it. Thank you Mayra for recommending it to me.

  2. ZINTHIA RAMOS says:

    necesito saber en donde se encuentra una tienda para comprar el jarabe me urge estoy ubicada en Melchor ocampo

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